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08-13-2015, 08:44 PM
Here is a way cool little story/pictorial I got from our J Man via facebook about a adult bear and wolf being genuine pals in the wild

the theory is these two found each other when they were young and alone and stuck together to survive, and the bonds held in adulthood



J Man
08-13-2015, 10:27 PM
Very cool indeed!

08-16-2015, 02:13 AM
A tidbit about dog ancestors:


08-21-2015, 03:16 AM
Here's more on wolves (in California yet!):

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/californias-first-wolf-pack-in-nearly-a-century-caught-on-camera_55d659e0e4b020c386de29ce?kvcommref=mostpopu lar

09-04-2015, 10:14 AM
Yeah, its true.

05-19-2016, 12:14 PM
Here is your weekly dose of super cuteness...diabetics be warned

Man Teaches Wolf Cub To Howl

I dont know what the back story is, probably some sort of rescue outfit


06-25-2016, 02:35 PM
there did not seem to be a thread dedicated to wolves, although we have some previous posts about them...so I wonder if a mod or admin would be willing to move the older wolf posts to this one?

in any case, ran into this clip, no pun intended, showing the speed, endurance and power of a wolf-dont care what kind of weapon you have, this is a critter you dont really want to mess with I think



06-25-2016, 03:04 PM
I've never seen a full-blown timber wolf in the wild, but I've seen loads of coyotes, which really are a type of wolf. Interesting that people sometimes find orphaned coyote cubs and raise them as pets. I think that must be how prehistoric people raised wild dogs and turned them into man's best friend.


09-15-2016, 01:07 PM
there are some big hungry wolves in northern Sask. apparently
...reminds me of the opening scene in the Hollywood movie, The Grey with Liam Neeson
...even if the movie exaggerated them a bit (and I'm not sure they did), those things are fast, big, smart and scary!



Gray Fox
09-16-2016, 08:15 AM
A "wolf" I managed to snap a picture of ;)


09-16-2016, 08:47 AM
Lady reunited with wolf pack


10-19-2016, 10:31 AM
I've never seen a full-blown timber wolf in the wild, but I've seen loads of coyotes, which really are a type of wolf. Interesting that people sometimes find orphaned coyote cubs and raise them as pets. I think that must be how prehistoric people raised wild dogs and turned them into man's best friend.

No? You get enough coywolves in some regions of Virginia nowadays.

I've had the pleasure of encountering plenty of wolves, coyotes, cougars, bears, etc. I was once standing close enough to a trio of wolves, in the wild mind you, that I could have reached out and patted one. There was an old wolf that used to neighbor the farm, a loner, but there's a photo and I'll see if I can dig it up of me sitting on a rock with my painting canvas out and less than three feet away the wolf sniffing my backpack. Brother took the photo.

J Man
12-06-2016, 04:02 PM
Wolves are my favourite animals by far! :D

02-14-2017, 12:14 AM
toldja, Wolves Rule!!



02-14-2017, 05:22 AM
famous killer wolf


02-14-2017, 07:08 PM
Three wolves ran across the "highway" [aka major road] yesterday on the way to work. At first I thought they were dogs. But then it's like no, can't be dogs. First there's no houses with dogs [I've been up & down that road for three years now at all hours] near enough to the road & secondly at 6am on a freezing day who is going to let their dogs out to run across a relatively busy road. So, as there's no one behind me, I am slowing down glancing into the farmer's field where these canines had taken off into. That's when the third bolted across the road. There was at least a fourth as caught it in the rear view mirror.

It definitely wasn't a coyote. Too big for one. But if they weren't wolves, which have occasionally been reported around here, then these canids were likely coywolves. I've been told that this area gets all three depending on the season, the weather, and how many strays are wandering around.

Still it is funny, in a way, how blind authorities can be. There are local word of mouth warnings around here which tell you to be cautious if traveling certain areas in town by yourself around night-time and those warnings are not because of humans. Rather there has been a few aggressive approaches on humans & dogs or lone humans over the years.

03-18-2017, 05:04 PM
a coincidence given Calas's post above, but here is a great little clip of a lady driving on a highway in the north west territories and filmed 2 huge black wolves running on the road, as much for the fun of it as anything else it seems
...and man are they big beauties!

can you imagine having to fight these buggers back in the day when the best weapon you had was a pointy stick?...yikes!
no wonder its hard wired for humans to get the shivers when they hear wolves howl



04-19-2017, 08:27 PM
well, this guy sounds like he got lucky, mostly cause the wolves were obviously just curious


...if they had been hungry...


and if Liam Neilson is screwed, just imagine the trouble you would be in!


06-16-2017, 03:47 AM
Bellingham paper reports wolf in the area: