View Full Version : Help me understand my Interpretome results!

06-26-2016, 04:47 PM
Just for fun and curiousity, I uploaded my genome on Interpretome to see where I plot at. I only used the African, European, and the population reference and Mideast/Jewish. It seems all fake to me and I take it with a grain of salt, I read on the internet and it seems that most people think its accurate for them, but not for me. Maybe its because I do not understand this?

I am half Aruban and half Curacaon.


Reference population:



If I am correct than:

For the African part is seems that I cluster between Masaai and Sahara/OCC and S_Moroccans. Little further away is Fulani and Luyho or something like that.

For the Euro part it seems that I cluster between Southern Euros and Northern Euros, but more leaning to Southern Euros.

And for the mid east it seems I'am closer to Yemenis and Ethiopian Jews.

Lol population reference is funny, SSA and East African is the same fucking thing so why is it separated? I smell bullshit on this one. Thank God that its free, If I paid money for it than I would be mad as hell.

I used the same SNP for all the panels, 100.000 snps and Principle components 1 and 2.