View Full Version : How many SNPs below U152 do common surnames appear?

06-27-2016, 06:00 AM
Approx. 40. Looking at Alex Williamson's BigTree, I counted the number of SNPs below U152 where there were commons surnames.

It ranged from 34 to 51 SNPs with 40 SNPs being the average. Some of these are likely to be BigY results and some are FGC results and some are a mixture of both (1 surname match tested with BigY and 1 with FGC)

39 Langley
51 Soucek
34 Berry
41 Logan
39 Nilsson/Nielson
24 Britton/Brittin
40 Johnson
40 Shaddick/Shaddock
46 Beck
46 Hord/Hoarse
40 Average

If 40 SNPs below U152 equals ~400 years before present and Yfull dates U152 to 4500 ybp then that works out to 1 SNP every 102.5 years in Alex's Tree (4500-400)/40

FGC recently stated that they are finding 1 SNP per 3 generations on average or about one every ~90 years. With BigY results thrown in it's going to be higher so 102.5 years per SNP doesn't sound unreasonable.

As this data gets populated and more refined it's going to greatly improve our ability to better date branches/clades/sub haplogroups etc.