View Full Version : Common DNA on chromosome 9 between Northern Europeans Middle East Christian

07-12-2016, 06:50 AM

It's this autosomal segment which I and numerous Northern Europeans share and for which we are considered distant cousins by 23andme. I heard a theory that this is a slow changing Centromere area. If this is true then it may act like the Y DNA SNP's, and may be useful to trace ancient migrations. My genome is wholly Middle Eastern, precisely Ethnic Egyptian Christian, generally named Coptic. There's no Northern European ancestry. It is not a usual Egyptian, but it is from Egypt nevertheless. An unusual Egyptian type reflecting a genetically different Egypt than what is commonly encountered today, given Christian genetic isolation in the Middle East for historic reasons from Greco-Roman times.

I would love to hear any rational explanation or educated guesses about this issue. My Gedmatch kit # M476802.

Thank you,