View Full Version : Pre-Columbian Peruvian Baby w/ Elongated Head Has mtDNA U2e

08-15-2016, 05:47 AM

Unless there is dna contamination or this story is a hoax, this is significant news.

08-15-2016, 07:27 AM
Getting some serious Ancient Aliens vibes on the sites that are reporting this. Wonder how the peer review's going to go...

David Mc
08-15-2016, 07:31 AM
McAfee doesn't seem to want me to go to that site (which it shows as being "High Risk"), so I didn't read the article. I did Google "Hidden Inca Tours," and Brien Foerster, the man behind the tours. Given what I've read, I wouldn't bank on the integrity of the results... Look here for more info: https://badarchaeology.wordpress.com/tag/brien-foerster/

08-15-2016, 02:42 PM
I had read somewhere a couple of months back that the mtDNA results were H2a and T2b.

08-15-2016, 03:07 PM
Will be interesting when the results are published in a reliable venue.

08-15-2016, 03:27 PM
Some people are ready to believe anything

08-15-2016, 06:08 PM
When the website points out that the skull has red hair, they don't realize that this is something that often happens to hair from mummified remains anywhere and is very unlikely to have been the original colour. This is something that fools a lot of people, especially people using this kind of thing to claim pre-columbus European contact with the Americas.

Would really be interesting to see if this could be backed up by a more reputable source,though.