View Full Version : Z2195 now the oldest SNP in Z2201 subclade

08-17-2016, 10:16 PM
For some time Z2201 had several equivalents: Z2190, S932, Z2197,S928, Z2191, Z2189, and Z2195 but I just noticed one my Nutter (333094) friend's fairly close STR match's Z253 SNP pack results are in, showing a break in this subclade being positive for Z2195 and negative for everything downstream. I'm not sure if there are any other people in this new clade yet besides this Nutter group and their close match with another surname. The Big Tree does not show this break yet so getting NGS testing for them would be nice to identify the SNPs in this new branch. I plan on getting BigY for my friend the next time it is on sale and hopefully the other Z2195 guy will do likewise eventually. As far as my Nutter friend's origins, he has fairly ordinary Lancashire roots. I have posted about him elsewhere on Anthrogenica, mainly here (http://www.anthrogenica.com/showthread.php?4833-DYS391-9-in-R1b) (notable for having DYS391=9, which could end up being a useful indicator for this subclade).

09-10-2016, 10:36 AM
Yes, this is a very interesting result. It won't be included in The Big Tree as Alex only uses NGS results and this was from the upgraded R1b-Z253 SNP Pack test. Z2189 was a no-call, so at this stage we don't know if Z2189 will turn out to be with the other SNPs you have listed or upstream with Z2195. The tester, like your friend Nutter, also has an English paternal descent (and DYS391=9).

So it may be that this branch originated with Z2195 in the Isles before migrating to Iberia and beyond. We have 11 people in the Z253 project who are positive for Z2201 and/or equivalent SNP(s); nine of them have Iberian surnames and five give Spain as the location of their paternal ancestry, while others have Mexico, Puerto Rico, Ecuador and Honduras. There are also three members of the Human Genome Project in this clade (two with Spanish ancestry and one Puerto Rican).

These results also show how the updated SNP Pack tests can separate out blocks of SNPs previously thought to be equivalent. The original Z253 SNP Pack test included four SNPs from this branch (Z22201, DF73, BY279 and BY410), as well as Z253 and Z2534. The upgraded Z253 Pack also includes Z2195, Z2189, Z2190, Z2191, Z2197, S928, S932 and the downstream SNPs Z2188, Z2204, S933, BY4084, BY4085, Z17259, Z29757 and Z29748 (all of which are on The Big Tree), making it excellent value for people on this branch of Z253. There have been similar SNP additions to other branches.

Greg H