View Full Version : Nephin Cave Remains (Co. Mayo, Ireland)

08-26-2016, 04:33 PM

"Gardaí were called to the scene and the remains were brought to the local Mayo town of Westport before being transferred to Dublin for expert examination. " ... "The bones have been removed from the cave. They will be tested by anthropologist to determine their age and whether they are of human or animal origin,"

The Mayo News:

"Michael [Chambers, the discover of the cave] explained that nobody in the vicinity knew about the caves before this and it would not be difficult to go by them without noticing them"

Until the other morning I did not know that Irish news came on American P.B.S. Added to that was my surprise at their report related to the above articles. Talk on the show was that the remains could be thousands of years old... which got me thinking about DNA.
dp :-)


02-02-2017, 08:07 AM
Thats pretty cool. Im a Daly of Mayo extraction, and there is an interesting family tale about one of my forebears, who after joining the doomed 1798 uprising, hid out in a cave on Nephim. Well, he made it out alive after parleying w the English, so wasnt this fellow. Oddly part of the deal was to get conscripted into the British Army and served in India. Anyway it would be cool to get this dna tested, see if he is an ancestor afterall.