View Full Version : U152> L2> Z49,Z68> Z142> Z12222,Z150,Z26720* and familly finder

09-01-2016, 10:38 AM
Just ordered my autosomal test with the $69 family finder special that ended yesterday!

I know this is not the correct place for family finder conversations but I was wondering can someone could help me learn to speak autosomal?

It might help to know where my ancestors came from even though it is probably a generalized area.

09-08-2017, 06:00 AM
I just got my Big Y results and it looks like we are closely related. The U152 project has us classified in the same grouping but I haven't been able to access my BAM file yet. Once I am in possession of the file I will share it with anyone who might be interested.

04-11-2018, 11:00 AM
I know this has been a while. Where are you classified in the U152 project now? I am still Z12222*