View Full Version : Eurogenes K6 Italy-Greece PCA plot!

09-01-2016, 08:20 PM
Credit to Petalpusher on TA. Really requires zooming in though.


1) The mainland Greeks form a cluster between Albania, Bulgaria, northern Italy, and southern Italy. One Peloponnesian actually plots north of the Bulgarian reference, but there is one outlier Peloponnesian falling into the southern Italian cluster.

2) One Campanian and one Sicilian from Ragusa each fall into the mainland Greek cluster.

3) Calabria, Catania, Messina, and Chios form their own cluster toward the bottom, drifting toward Cyprus.

4) The SOUTHERNMOST plotting mainland Greeks, plot with the NORTHERNMOST southern Italians.

5) One person from the Cyclades, CYCL6, is in the wrong place not because they should be, but because I entered a wrong number in the algorithm. That person is a mistake.

6) Within Italy, you can see that Trapani, Syracuse, and Ragusa shift toward Europe; Catania, Messina, Calabriaand Chios toward Cyprus/Levant, and the other Sicilians and islanders fill the gap.

LAK = Lakonia
PEL = Peloponnese
EUB = Euboea
SAM = Samos
CH = Chios
CRETE = Crete
CYCL = Cyclades
MES = Messina
PAL = Palermo
CAT = Catania
AGR = Agrigento
TRAP = Trapani
CAMP = Campania
CAL = Calabria