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09-10-2016, 09:03 PM
Information in this article may lend credence on, 'Why We Eat Red Meat'.


09-11-2016, 01:32 AM
Or not.
Nothing new since the mid 1970s at least, on nutrition, apart from some built in systems to ensure organisms get the protein they need.
Except that experts in countries with high meat intake have begun to realise that other people use high-protein sources from plants.
Of course we need protein, because we need amino acids.
We can synthesise most amino acids, but at an energy cost - it is easier to have them delivered ready-made.

Processing protein for energy (if other sources are not available) creates problems in coping with nitrogenous by products - effectively ammonia compounds.

Any successful organism will either be lucky in having an ideal environment, or needs to seek out appropriate resources. Some systems that worked well in ancient times may not be well-adapted to the present day. Calories used to be scarce. Now with energy foods plentiful, these ancient systems that lead us to seek carbohydrates can lead to diabetes and obesity. The solution is not to drop carbohydrates for protein, but to ask, "What were we designed for?" and to try to better approximate that situation.

"What would be best for us?" is likely to be closer to that historical situation than any extreme nutritional proposal.