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Mag Uidhir 6
09-19-2016, 06:07 PM
Recently, with the inclusion of more NGS testers being analyzed by YFull, it appears that Z16340 marks a logical point for the Menapii Tribe along the Dutch/Belgian coast.

I have a group at FTDNA called the Airgialla Mag Uidhir Project where 123 of 173 members are of the Airgialla II Ht. 27 NGS and some 60+ men have taken further SNP testing, 43 of which have tested the newer NGS SNPs to discover their branches within the greater Clan.

The subject line strikes me as a more appropriate "identity" for this group of men. It would appear that Fr. Pedar Livingston's statement of "possible Leinster origins for some of the Maguire line" falls in line with the latest NGS results. There have been many discussions about Airgialla I and Airgialla II Maguire origins. A I claims a Colla descent, where A II has a known pedigree link to a former ruling line through deceased Charles Robert Maguire's official title. I have ancedotally noticed a higher instance of A I men in the eastern portion of Ulster counties, where more A II men reside lakeside to Lough Erne and the western regions of Co Fermanaugh.

Very recently I ran a Family Finder test and the Heat Map generated is very indicative of a Menapii crossover which is surprising. Maternal side is predominantly German (mtDNA Hg T). Paternal Grandmother is primarily English. So, being 95% European is no surprise, neither is the 5% Middle Eastern centered on Turkey, it is related to the T origins.

It strikes me that we are gaining on our origins story. Thoughts?


09-20-2016, 07:47 AM
I saw Peter at the L21 group mentioned a Laigin origin theory. Were these guys also possibly Menapii? It seems that more and more links with L513 and Menapii lands are coming up...

Thanks for this!

Mag Uidhir 6
09-20-2016, 06:09 PM
The older documents point toward a Laigin origin. The Y DNA says Menapii. I do not believe the two are truly separate issues. I think the Fear Manach were originally settled in Leinster and wandered up to Loch Erne by virtue of being kicked out. I do not "know" a true time frame for this. I would love to get hard archeology involved but that is a project a bit out of reach for me. My supposition is, being a Maritime people, the truly ancient remains may not be recoverable simply due to proximity of water logged graves. But hope never dies!

Mag Uidhir 6
11-19-2016, 04:12 AM
We have some new SNP results for both NGS and SNP Pack tested members. Bottom line is, we have branching that points towards some pretty young septs and SNPs. My guesstimate is 200-350 ybp.