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09-26-2016, 09:51 PM
Hi all,

Just got my results today from 23andMe but I've been doing a ton of research into what I could dig out via the tools out there.

It's been interesting to look at my mtDNA, mthap output below. U5a2e was by far the best looking match to me.

I haven't been able to find much info for U5a2e at all, let alone an extra subgroup possibility with 16234T. My maternal line is very foggy and we don't really know much about anything past my grandmother, who was either from central Poland, or from somewhere nearish the current Poland-Ukraine border (I've heard conflicting stories). She certainly spoke Ukrainian, and her maiden name was Chilczuk.

I would be very interested to help out research and/or shed some light on the mystery of my maternal ancestry, so if anyone has any pointers or ideas or things I should read, I'd love to know.

Thanks very much,

1) U5a2e

Defining Markers for haplogroup U5a2e:
HVR2: 73G 151T 152C 263G
CR: 750G 1438G 2706G 3197C 3768G 4769G 7028T 8860G 9477A 11467G 11719A 12308G 12372A 13617C 14766T 14793G 15289C 15326G
HVR1: 16192T 16256T 16270T 16311C 16362C 16526A

Marker path from rCRS to haplogroup U5a2e (plus extra markers):
H2a2a1(rCRS) ⇨ 263G ⇨ H2a2a ⇨ 8860G 15326G ⇨ H2a2 ⇨ 750G ⇨ H2a ⇨ 4769G ⇨ H2 ⇨ 1438G ⇨ H ⇨ 2706G 7028T ⇨ HV ⇨ 14766T ⇨ R0 ⇨ 73G 11719A ⇨ R ⇨ 11467G 12308G 12372A ⇨ U ⇨ 16192T 16270T ⇨ U5 ⇨ 3197C 9477A 13617C ⇨ U5a'b ⇨ 14793G 16256T ⇨ U5a ⇨ 16526A ⇨ U5a2 ⇨ 16362C ⇨ U5a2(T16362C) ⇨ 151T 152C 3768G 15289C 16311C ⇨ U5a2e ⇨ 16234T

Imperfect Match. Your results contained differences with this haplogroup:
Matches(23): 73G 152C 263G 750G 1438G 2706G 3197C 3768G 4769G 7028T 8860G 9477A 11467G 11719A 12372A 13617C 14766T 14793G 15289C 16256T 16270T 16311C 16526A
Extras(1): 16234T
No-Calls(3): 151T 12308G 16362C
Untested(2): 15326 16192

09-27-2016, 01:48 AM
We have 11 full sequence samples of U5a2e with 16234T. Most people in this group also have 1 or 2 extra coding region mutations, so testing the full mtDNA sequence could be useful. People in this group are from Italy, Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Czech, Belarus. The common maternal ancestor for this group probably lived about 6000 years ago.