View Full Version : R-DF27>ZZ12>CTS3919/S4381 a Basque subclade?

10-01-2016, 02:53 PM
Hello all,

Thanks to Alex Williamson and subsequently supported by Y-Full, a small subclade R-CTS3919/S4381 has been recognized. The three men in this subclade are:

1. 1000 Genomes HG01518 - Basque Country
2. FTDNA 481082 - West-Flanders
3. FTDNA 207754 - Possibly Scotland

HG01518 is an anonymous 1000 genomes sample who lives in the Pais Vasco or Basque country. The other two samples ancestors appear to have lived in West-Flanders, Belgium and Scotland in the 17th century. I am FTDNA 481082, and it is interesting to note that my northern French surname means "blacksmith" and that the Basque had a substantial trade in iron and steel with northern France and the Lowlands in the middle ages.

My questions: Has 1000 Genomes HG01518 been part of studies of Basque DNA, and if so, does his appear to be consistent with Basque DNA? Could R-CTS3919/S4381 be considered to be a Basque subclade? Any insight is greatly appreciated.