View Full Version : BY1058 moves L881 down a level

10-02-2016, 03:27 PM
A good many of us have been testing for five or ten years, starting as some sort of P312* if not worse. And the combination of science and housekeeping has just reached a level of refinement capable of assigning us a reasonably recent terminal SNP. Well, here's a twist on that:

As I write this, our newest FTDNA kit in the DF27 project is 528774. The kit, and a 37 marker test, were ordered during the last week of July. A month later he had those results, and ordered Family Finder. Then he bit the bullet (just a week into September) and ordered a Big Y. Those results were available on the 28th; and by the time I noticed his interesting results, and asked him (on the 30th) to send the .vcf to Alex Williamson for the Big Tree, he apparently had already done that.

Alex saw the same thing I had -- this sample has BY1058+ (previously listed as one of about 30 equivalents, on the same level as L881), but L881-. And the Big Tree now shows L881 -- a SNP we have been chasing (and finding) in DF27+, Z195- project members since the spring of 2013 -- as a subclade of BY1058, with a new parallel branch that hasn't even been named yet (until somebody matches at least one of the many Novel Variants of #528774). http://www.ytree.net/DisplayTree.php?blockID=2025

When this stuff works, it can work amazingly fast.