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Complete Results
#1 Bantu Africa and the Niger-Congo Areas 26.9%
Origin: Peaks in Nigeria and declines in Senegal, Gambia, and Kenya
#2 Madagascar 23.3%
Origin: Peaks in Madagascar with residues in South Africa
#3 West Africa 15%
Origin: Peaks in Senegal and Gambia and declines in Algeria and Mororrco
#4 African Pygmies 8.7%
Origin: Associated with the Pygmy people (Pygmy means short and is assoicated with people) not places.
#5 Nile Valley Peoples 8.4%
Origin: Peaks in Western Ethiopia and south Sudan
#6 Southern Ethiopia 5.3%
Origin: Localized to South Ethiopia
#7 Tuva 4.5%
Origin: Peaks in south Siberia (Russians: Tuvinian) and declines in North Mongolia
#8 Western Siberia 3.2%
Origin: Peaks in Krasnoyarsk Krai and declines towards east Russia
#9 Northern Mongolia and Eastern Siberia 2.8%
Origin: Peaks in North Mongolia and declines in Siberia
#10 Northwestern Africa 2%
Origin: Peaks in Algeria and declines in Morocco and Tunisia

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Migration Story B
Movement from Botswana to Mozambique
At some point after 1030 AD your ancestors moved to Mozambique and once they reached there this is what they would have experienced:
The Bantu Migrations Reach Mozambique
Between 200 AD and 900 AD, Mozambique was ruled by local leaders in a period known as early settlement. At this time, the Bantu migrated into the region and formed agricultural settlements. Their populations grew and moved south and southeast into the Zimbabwe plateau. Towards the end of the first millennium, groups of households joined together under the authority of a chiefly household. People migrated from Cameroon and Nigeria to Mozambique as a result of the migration of the nomadic Bantu peoples. At the same time, populations moved from Mozambique to places like Zimbabwe with the onward movement of the Bantu people.
The Zimbabwe Civilizations
Between 901 AD and 1530 AD, Mozambique was ruled by local leaders in a period known as the Zimbabwe civilizations and the Kingdom of Mutapa. In this period, groups on the Zimbabwe plateau expanded their herds and moved to the Mozambican lowlands in pursuit of seasonal pastures. The civilizations of Great Zimbabwe, which dominated the region, controlled mining and trade. The people of this region traded with various non-Africans including Middle Eastern and South Asian peoples. By the 14th century, African Arabs from Swahili trade cities flourished along the coast and smaller Swahili sultanates developed along the northern coast of Mozambique. At the same time, the Kingdom of Mutapa arose in Zimbabwe and conquered central areas of Mozambique. People migrated from Oman and Tanzania and Kenya to Mozambique in order to secure trade and due to the spread of Swahili sultanates. At the same time, populations moved from Mozambique to places like Tanzania and Kenya as a result of trade with East African empires.