View Full Version : FTDNA R1b-Z192 SNP Pack

10-05-2016, 10:42 PM
I just saw an order come in for this pack. It's priced at $99 so it must be brand new. I count 149 SNPs in this pack.

SNP Pack R1b - Z192 SNP Pack
Includes the following SNPs on the haplotree:
Z192, PF6652, CTS11874, Z194, PF6653, BY10448, PF6656, BY10444, BY10445, BY10447, BY11110, Z29460, Y16001, Y16152, Z29357, Z29462, Z29461, BY6672, BY6635, BY6641, BY6637, BY6638, BY6639, BY6640, BY6663, BY6664, BY6665, BY6666, BY6667, BY6668, BY6670, BY6671, BY6643, BY6673, BY6674, BY6675, BY6676, BY6682, Z30155, Z30147, BY6661, BY6662, Z30158, BY6685, PF6691

Includes the following SNPs that are NOT on the haplotree:
CTS6286, CTS11022, PF6714, BY6646, BY6652, BY6657, CTS2904, CTS36, CTS6139, CTS617, PF6657, PF6662, PF6663, PF6664, PF6666, PF6667, PF6668, PF6673, PF6676, PF6682, PF6683, PF6686, PF6692, PF6693, PF6695, PF6696, PF6698, PF6699, PF6700, PF6703, PF6706, PF6707, PF6708, PF6715, PF6716, PF6717, PF7631, PF7634, PF7636, PF7640, PF7641, PF7647, Z22841, Z29459, Z29469, Z29471, Z30061, Z30062, Z30063, Z30106, Z30109, Z30110, Z30119, Z30120, Z30121, Z30122, Z30123, Z30124, Z30125, Z30126, Z30127, Z30128, Z30129, Z30130, Z30135, Z30136, Z30138, Z30139, Z30140, Z30146, Z30148, Z30149, Z30152, BY10446, BY3629, BY3632, BY3633, BY3634, BY3641, BY3650, Z30168, Z30169, Z30171, Z30172, Z30173, Z30174, Z30190, Z30191, Z30194, Z30195, Z30198, Z30199, Z30200, Z30207, Z30208, Z30210, Z30211, Z30212, Z30213, Z30214, PF6705, Z30137, Z30201, PF7629