View Full Version : Anyway to find a haplogroup with a Ancestry DNA kit?

10-09-2016, 02:37 AM
Its my fathers kit. I want to determine his MTDNA from it if there's a way. I heard of similar but for Y-STR's. I just want MTDNA though.

10-09-2016, 05:30 PM
Would the James Lick MtDNA haplogroup predictor tool work?


The site references that only these formats are supported:
Supported formats: 23andMe raw data, deCODEme raw data, Differences to rCRS (mutation list), FASTA, GenBank Flat File Format, ASN1

Therefore, AncestryDNA may not be in compatible format.

10-11-2016, 05:35 PM
Wegene gave my dad haplogroups from Ancestrydna. Not sure how accurate it is though...