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10-10-2016, 09:48 PM
Me: British isles 61 Scandinavia 37 N Africa 1

Father: Scandinavia 53 British isles 34 South Europe 14

A guess at mother's ancestry based on above.

British isles 61x2 -34= 88
Scandinavia 37x2-53= 21
N Africa 1x2-0=2

total 111%

Either it's totally screwy or I've done something wrong(feel free to correct me if so).

Little bit
10-10-2016, 10:03 PM
MyOrigins doesn't phase parents and children so you cannot extrapolate untested parents as you can at 23andme. Also, if you've got some genetic distant between the parents, the child can end up with what I call 'artifacts." Here's me, my husband, and our son:

Me: American Colonial, 87.5% UK/Ireland and 12.5% German/Swiss:

Husband: Polish mom and German/Irish dad:

Our son:

Somehow my son gets way more Finland than my husband, considering I have none, and who gave him that Asian Minor! :confused: And where did all his Eastern European go? He gets around 18% at 23andme, but we're all phased there. With no phasing, you just can't rely on parent/child results and extrapolating a missing parent is a crap shoot at best (probably only advisable if both parents are from the same gene pool.)