View Full Version : R1b-DF21 subclades SNP Pack set from FTDNA

10-14-2016, 11:15 PM
I've posted this elsewhere but want to make sure this in the right place.

FTDNA released a new SNP Pack. It is titled "R1b-DF21 SNP Pack" but I think is better described as the R1b-DF21 top-layer and misc. subclades SNP Pack. I've asked them to insert a paragraph on their Upgrades/Advanced Tests/Select a Product:SNP Packs display for each pack. They haven't done that but it would very helpful.

SNPs included in the R1b-DF21 SNP Pack

Includes the following SNPs on the haplotree:
DF21, S5488, S7172, S7180, S7182, S7185, S7186, S7188, Y15984, Y15985, Y15987, Y16070, Y16072, Y16073, Z30233, BY9405, BY9406, BY9407, BY9408, BY9409, BY9410, BY9411, BY9412, BY9413, BY9414, BY9416, BY9417, M7465, CTS8704, FGC3903, FGC9749, DF25, Z16267, Z3000, Z3001, Z3010, Z3011, FGC23375, FGC23376, FGC23377, FGC23378, FGC23380, FGC23381, FGC19706, FGC33373, FGC33375, FGC33376, FGC33378, FGC33379, FGC33381, FGC33382, FGC33476, FGC33477, FGC33478, FGC33479, FGC33480, FGC33481, PH129, PH1665, S7858, S3058, S5452, S5470, S5456, S5459, S5460, S5468, S5478, S5480, S5483, S6166, S6296, S7133, BY3300, Z29558, Z10270, BY3736, BY3737, FGC11932, FGC11939, FGC11945, FGC19883, P314, Z16526, Z16527, Z16529, Z16530, Z16531, Z16532, Z16534, Z16535, Z16536, Z16832, Z16523, Z16525, Z16533, Z16537, Z16538, FGC14748, FGC14751, Z29539, Z29540, ZS4595, ZS4597, ZS4599, ZS4600, ZS4602, ZS4605, ZS4612, ZS4613, L362, FGC12099, A11018, ZS4606, A5813, A9070, ZS4598, ZZ50_1, ZZ50_2, FGC1058, S5199, Z29544, ZS4603, S7174

Includes the following SNPs that are NOT YET on the haplotree:
Z3017, S7859, ZZ1_1, ZZ1_2, FGC33377

The reason that would be helpful is people who know they are Z3000+ or DF25+ or S5488+ or S3058+ should not order this DF21 top-layer pack although people who are P314+ or S5456+ or otherwise truly in the top layers of DF21 are great fits. People who are DF21+ and lightly or not tested at all should also consider this DF21 top-layer SNP Pack as it is a mini traffic-director within DF21 to get you to the right subclade.

Here is a snapshot of an outline tree format of the SNPs in this pack.

Position details and synonym names are included.

The misc. subclades that get the deeper coverage include R1b-BY9405 on down through P314, L362, etc., as well as R1b-PH129 and R1b-S5456.

The higher levels of DF21 covered include Z30233 down to DF25 (but that's where it stops), Z3017/S971 and down to Z3000 (but that's where it stops).