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05-10-2013, 11:39 AM
From Rootsweb:

"The team of citizen science researchers who mined the 1000 Genomes Project data in 2012 to discover many new R1b1a2 SNPs have now embarked on a follow-up project to further refine the R1b tree. They have obtained access to a collection of 1,000 whole genome samples from British men, and they are currently mining this dataset for novel genetic variants.

Because of the scale of the project they are fundraising in order to
purchase the reagents and consumables needed to develop new primer pairs and
to validate novel genetic variants using DNA sequencing. Further details of
the project can be found on this website:


The team's first citizen science paper can be found here:


Rocca, R. A., Magoon, G., Reynolds, D. F., Krahn, T., Tilroe, V. O., Velde
Boots, den, P. M. O., & Grierson, A. J. (2012). Discovery of Western
European R1b1a2 Y Chromosome Variants in 1000 Genomes Project Data: An
Online Community Approach.

The original research introduced the DF and Z series SNPs which have greatly
helped to refine the various branches of the R1b1a2 tree. This new project
promises to provide even greater resolution for R1b men of British origin.

A new Twitter account has been established at @dnaforum. If you are on
Twitter perhaps you could help to spread the word there too.

Brian Swann kindly arranged for Andy Grierson, the UK researcher involved in
this project, to attend WDYTYA Live in February. I had the pleasure of
meeting Andy and can vouch for his enthusiasm and professionalism.

Please consider supporting this very worthy cause.

Best wishes

Debbie Kennett"