View Full Version : Taming the Past: Ancient DNA and the Study of Animal Domestication (review 2016)

Jean M
11-05-2016, 06:43 PM
David E. MacHugh, Greger Larson, Ludovic Orlando, Taming the Past: Ancient DNA and the Study of Animal Domestication, Annual Review of Animal Biosciences, first posted online on October 28, 2016. Expected final online publication date for the Annual Review of Animal Biosciences Volume 5 is February 15, 2017.

During the last decade, ancient DNA research has been revolutionized by the availability of increasingly powerful DNA sequencing and ancillary genomics technologies, giving rise to the new field of paleogenomics. In this review, we show how our understanding of the genetic basis of animal domestication and the origins and dispersal of livestock and companion animals during the Upper Paleolithic and Neolithic periods is being rapidly transformed through new scientific knowledge generated with paleogenomics methods. These techniques have been particularly informative in revealing high-resolution patterns of artificial and natural selection and evidence for significant admixture between early domestic animal populations and their wild congeners.

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