View Full Version : GedrosiaDNA K6, K9, K15 EEF, ENF, and Natufian

A Norfolk L-M20
11-08-2016, 11:08 PM
Please excuse my ignorance as a novice.

On K9, my family scores 26 - 27% Early Neolithic Farmers

On K15 my family scores 24 - 25% Early European Farmers

On K6 my family scores 38 - 39% Natufian.

Could anyone kindly explain to me the differences between these three populations?

Thanks in advance.

11-09-2016, 04:40 PM
Regarding AE K6 Gedrosia component. It is maximized in Near East populations.
see http://eurogenes.blogspot.com/2016/06/the-genetic-structure-of-worlds-first.html
dp :-)