View Full Version : Experiment with Gedmatch's Phasing & Lazarus tools? A possibility?

11-12-2016, 10:32 PM
The idea came to me when tending to some pets ironically. I say ironic as these pets are fish and once, generations ago, originated as store-bought "mutts". Not anymore though. But anyone who has played with genetics in breeding fish, birds, rodents, plants, etc. may grasp this easier. Isolation & "overlap" [or inbreeding].

But does anyone think it possible to isolate if you would ethnicity / genes of yesteryear generations by hypothetically separating the maternal / paternal through the phasing tool and then overlapping via the Lazarus?

This would likely work better for siblings as then sibling A's maternal in Group 1 and sibling B's maternal in Group 2, etc.

Hypothetically if the tools work as they say then the genes should simply overlap, or multiple, thus amplifying genes that are overlooked in favour with more modern / closer genetics.

Just a thought?

Anyone tried anything like this?