View Full Version : My DNA.land analysis (100% European)

12-02-2016, 05:17 AM
I finally decided to try DNA.land as my 23andme results are very vague, the 100% European/West Eurasian remains the same, but these DNA.land results seem like an intermediate result i get between 23andme and gedmatch.
Would this be usual for a person of my background? I guess it has to be.. :P

One thing i am seeing is missing, is ashkenazi. There are ? in caucasus and iran, which is interesting if anything.. so now i'm not bothered if there is none after all.
I am starting to really believe my great-grandpas ancestry consists of ethnic central or east euro.. (wegene and gedmatch both show me as 25% hungarian for some reason). I guess i may of uncovered some illegitimate child family skeleton. xD