View Full Version : Got my 67-marker results - can someone help?

12-02-2016, 09:34 AM
Hello community!

I finally got my YDNA 67marker test results from ftDNA. I got the confirmation of my cohen-match and some really interesting matches in east europe.

I also got my certificate with a bunch of Alleles - what do they tell me? (picture attached)

Thank you for your help!


J1 DYS388=13
12-02-2016, 09:51 AM
If you find someone who has the same SNP as you, J-S12192, then you can use the markers on that certificate to estimate how long ago your common ancestor lived. If that's not already shown on your FTDNA results, you can calculate it yourself at http://clan-donald-usa.org/index.php/tmrca-calculator