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12-09-2016, 03:44 AM
Hi everyone. In the past I discovered that the Y Haplogroup of the Males on my Maternal side are R1b-L23. After further Testing, they are confirmed R1b-Z2103*, i.e., L51-, etc. The family is from Morra De Sanctis, Campania, Italy, and the farthest back we know on this male line is the 10th Century in Sarno, Campania. Are there any opinions or is there any knowledge as to the historical/archaeological cultural origins as to the presence of Z2103* R1b in the Italian South? As for this Subclade, I know its concentrations are in the Caucusus, Near East, Balkans, and South Italy, and since we are talking of Italy specifically, I know it's peak there is Calabria.