View Full Version : FTDNA Is Offering A New I1-F2642 SNP Pack

12-22-2016, 07:52 PM
This just came in from FTDNA:

Exciting news for members of the I1-F2642 Haplogroup!


During the past few years, the number of SNPs on our tree has increased dramatically -- to date, we now have 26,207 SNPs! While we are confident you are in Haplogroup I1-F2642 or a downstream subgroup, you now have the opportunity to expand the depth of your Haplogroup much further with this test. This test can help you refine your subclade. If you are not sure whether or not this is the right test for you, we recommend contacting the I1 Y DNA Haplogroup Project Administrator.

To purchase the I1-F2642 SNP Pack, click the button below to sign in to your kit and be one of the very first customers to get this new SNP Pack at our low introductory beta price of only $99! Please note this discounted price will expire in 2 weeks from today, and return to the regular price of $119. Should the SNP Pack not appear in your shopping cart, please navigate to advanced orders by clicking the "Upgrade" button at the top of your myFTDNA account page and select the I1-F2642 SNP Pack.

SNPs included in the I1-F2642 SNP Pack

Includes the following SNPs (all of which are on the haplotree):

CTS12971, CTS4963, CTS6739, CTS8691, CTS9191, F2642, Z140, Z141, Z2904, Z4723, Z4724, FGC2491, Y1843, Y1854, FGC2507, FGC2510, FGC2515, FGC2520, Y2967, Y6356, Y6357, Y6358, Y6359, Y6360, Y6361, Y6362, Y6363, Y6364, Y6365, Y6366, Y6368, FGC2502, F3635, FGC23286, Y14336, A1346, A1347, A1351, A1353, A1355, A1356, A1359, A1360, A1362, A1363, A1515, A1516, A1517, A1518, A1520, A1521, A1522, A1348, A1349, A1352, A1354, A1357, A1358, A1361, A1364, A1365, A1366, A1524, A1526, CTS6772, Y1966, Y19048, Y19050, Y19051, Y19313, L592, PH2834, Z7102, A6435, A6436, A6437, A6438, A6439, A6441, A6444, A6445, A6446, A6447, A6448, A6449, A6450, A6452, A6453, BY453, Y3647, Y3649, Y3651, Y3652, Y3653, Y3655, Y3656, Y7198, Y7199, Y7623, L234, Y7200, Y3654, Y3650, Y3648, CTS7397, FGC2492, FGC2494, FGC2497, FGC2500, FGC2501, FGC2505, FGC2506, FGC2508, FGC2511, FGC2516, FGC2517, Y2963, FGC2530, FGC2518