View Full Version : So what is "curly" hair?

01-02-2017, 05:18 PM
This has always been a curiosity for me.

You see I have curly hair. Rather curly. Grandma used to say I had a "poodle head" when younger & I'll admit there are days when I could put a sheep or terrier to shame. Still it gets rather annoying when hairdressers keep asking "do you want your curls straightened". Bad enough I comb it before work least I go in looking like a lunatic and when I forget to clients can't quit commenting. Why those hairdressers ask though god only knows.

But that's not the point.

My curiosity stems with the simple fact curly hair isn't that common in the family. My grandmother's sibling had a head full of curls & waves, one great-grandfather on her father's side had curls. There's a few cousins with slightly curly hair, and one so forth cousin of one parent who has the same wild mop as my own. And that's pretty much it. By and large everyone else's hair is like my brother's [straight] or like mum's [slight wave, definitely no curl].

It is, apparently, incomplete dominant

Some have claimed there is a "curly hair" gene. Such as websites like 23&me.

But mum thought 23&me's results are hilarious. What when I, with the head full of curls, is apparently AG [straighter hair on average for Europeans] and my brother with his straight-as-a-pin hair is apparently AA [slightly curlier hair on average for Europeans]. That's including the other SNPs assoicated with hair curl, he is curly and I am not. If that's the case, turn on whatever other genes need to be, and he should have a head full of corkscrews.

So what is anyone's thoughts.

I am not asking ethnicity per say though you can toss out options if desired. I am, personally, widely old British ancestry with a pinch of German & a dash of Ashkenazi.