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01-05-2017, 09:35 PM
I was searching for some books about the different Arab tribes and families wich live/ed in Anatolia. I have found some books mentioning a few. There are/were three different types in the Diyarbekir province of the Ottoman Empire: 1.)Bedouins 2.)settled Arabs 3.)Mahalmi/Mahallemi
The book Social Relations in Ottoman Diyarbekir, 1870-1915 gives disclosure about this:
The settled Arabs:

Sadly too many Arabs of the Mardin province are claiming to be Mhallami (they themselves say "Muhallami" and do not know what it was used for), even though the word was actually used for relatively recent Syriacs who converted during a famine (Sykes).


Also the Arabian Shamsi cult survived in Mardin: They were an oriental sect, Saint Epiphamy said that they cant be counted as Jews, nor as Christians, nor as pagans but their religion seems to have been a mixture of all of them. It is interesting that also in my homevillage is an old pagan shrine (it is ancient Arabian type not Roman/Persian or others, I cant remember the name but it was something with Hanifa (maybe connected to the Banu Hanifa tribe somehow?, Musaylimah al-Kidhab?, in the book A History of the Arabian Peninsula it is mentioned that the main "source" for Rabiah tribals wich were settled to the Jazeera (Northmesopotamia) was from the Banu Hanifa tribe from al-yamama).
The tribes in a table:

So the most known of these tribes are Shammar (Qahtanite), Tay (Qahtanite) and Cubur (iraqi Jubur tribe, subgroup of the big Zubayd Qahtanite tribe). A few settled Arab families are listed below (from the book Reports from Her Majesty's Consuls on the Manufactures, Commerce,..)

Known are the al bu `assi (in the Iraq).