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02-01-2017, 10:50 AM
Hi all.
Was browsing the threads here and noticed there isn't one for U3a1c, so I thought I would start one.
This is my mtDNA haplogroup.
My maternal ancestry can be traced via paper trail to Co. Kerry Ireland to my 4th Great Grandmother Hanora Reardon/Riordan and *possibly* (If I have the right record), to her mother, my 5th Great, Mary Scannell.
From my understanding (and please correct me if this is wrong), this subclade came out of Scandinavia about 7,000 years ago (give or take?)
And that is about ALL I know about it. Would love more info if anyone has some.

Miqui Rumba
07-17-2018, 06:10 PM
Hi, I am U3a1c1, 100% eastern iberian (Valencia, Murcia, Catalonia). 23andme gave U3a1 as result then I uploaded my mtDNA raw data to dna.jameslick.com that confirmed me U3a1c1 subclade. Last week, I uploaded all my mtDNA sequenced by Dantelabs (WES kit aligned to GRCh38) to Haplogrep with identical U3a1c1 results and more markers.
U3a1 is an european superclade origined in the Balkans during Neolithic. Basal haplogroup U3 was a caucasian paleolithic marker though now is common among european gipsies.
During Bronze Age U3a1 spread in North Europe: U3a1a in Baltic Region, U3a1b in Central Europe and U3a1c in Western Europe (except Catalonia).
U3a1c is a minor clade in British Isles and North Portugal, common in andalusian city of Aracena (Huelva) and highest frequency is in Western Ireland (3-5%).