View Full Version : U152 - L2 - DF90 - BY3490

02-09-2017, 11:20 AM
I have just done the Big Y and it has placed me in this branch of the Y Tree.

I have a lot of paper research placing the family around the Sudbury, Suffolk, Essex area since 1224. ( Liston is a village next to Sudbury )

My father is from the same area.

My closest SNP match is the surname Liston and my name is Alliston which very similar , they however are an Edinburgh family but I do have a record of a 14th Century move to Scotland so they could stem from that.

I also did a chromo2 test which gave me U152 and L2 to but it also showed Z2976 which is a branch of L21 - DF49 I suspect a failure with the chromo2 has anyone had similar results?