View Full Version : Ancestry vs Family Tree DNA (Or Gedmatch)

03-03-2017, 09:52 PM
I grew up believing I was German, Irish, Greek and British. However from one DNA sample I sent to AncestryDNA, multiple websites read to me their interpretation which seem to get stranger.
For AncestryDNA, my results were as followed:
Ireland: 25 percent
Great Britain: 21 percent
Europe West: 18 percent
Italy/Greece: 15 percent
Iberian Peninsula: 6 percent
Scandinavian: 6 percent
Europe East: 6 percent
European Jewish: 1 percent
I then decided to investigate Family Tree DNA. Here is what I received:
British Isles: 28 percent
West and Central Europe:17 percent
Scandinavia: 10 percent
Asia Minor: 15 percent
East Central Africa: 1 percent
Now then I went to GedMatch and found...
North Atlantic: 41 percent
Baltic: 22 percent
West Mediterranean: 15 percent
West Asian: 5 percent
East Mediterranean: 10 percent
Red Sea: 2 percent
South Asian: 3 percent
Northeast African: 1 percent
I am wondering which result is the most accurate.

03-03-2017, 10:43 PM
Looks like you're German, Irish, Greek, and British to me. Something these DNA companies aren't always forward about is that their regional areas aren't necessarily representative of their titles. Germans, for example, are so varied they can't pin them into one genetic category. They can be anything from Scandinavia, British, eastern European, Western European, and probably more. It actually takes a fair amount of research to really be able to understand what the results on your DNA tests are telling you. But it looks to me like this confirms that you are around about what you think you are