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The water and rice experiments

Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed toward them. With the use of high-speed photography, he found that water from clear springs and water that was exposed to constantly-repeated loving thoughts and words displays aesthetically beautiful, geometrically advanced, and colourful snowflake patterns. On the other hand, polluted water such as acid rain or water exposed to negative thoughts and words, formed distorted, asymmetrical patterns with dull colours. Russian Academy of Natural Sciences’ Doctor Konstantin Korotkov’s findings harmonize with Masaru’s. In his experiments, positive and loving emotions directed toward a flask of water increased its energy levels while negative and aggressive emotions notably reduced it. Although the results of such experiments can easily be skewed by various factors, including the water’s ‘memory’ as you’ll read below, what is most important here is not the scientific validity of the experiments but the idea behind them. (...)

Water’s capacity to remember

Scientific research attempts to clarify the cause of water’s unpredictability. It has been claimed that water has its own version of memory. Although very difficult for current scientific methods to fully prove, the experiments hypothesise that water receives and imprints any outside influence, picking up information and remembering everything that occurs in the space around it. Any substance that comes into contact with water leaves some type of trace in it. As it records information, water acquires new properties, but its overall composition remains unchanged. “The structure of water is much more important than the chemical composition,” explains Rustum Roy, who was a professor at Arizona State University. (...)

(...) If positive and negative thoughts affect the water then how, by what means is this effect being transferred to humans who are 70% water, what physical laws underpin this force and how can it be detected?




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But the first study is biased. If you are going to "study" something you try to replicate the situation as much as possible. Using clean spring water versus polluted acid rain water is like saying night is day and day is night. That big ball in the sky is neither the sun nor the moon but the suoon.

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