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Dear Members,

[08/04/20 15:00 ET] The forum began to experience a DDoS attack within the last two hours. We have already undertaken basic measures and will be enabling CloudFlare shortly. The situation is under control.

To ensure that some of the CloudFlare-related bugs seen previously won't reoccur, we'll be keeping the forum closed until we're satisfied that the forum experience returns to its' formerly smooth state.

We'll update this landing page as we progress.

[08/04/20 18:52 ET] Successfully mitigated the DDoS attack. Minimal bandwidth expended thanks to our quick action. CloudFlare operational. Currently debugging the settings to ensure an optimal user experience for when you return. Estimated online time and date: 08/06/20 13:00 ET.

[08/06/20 16:07 ET] We are working to resolve a handful of site bugs which the new security measures have once again raised. New estimated online time and date: 08/08/20 13:00 ET.

See you soon!

AG team