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Thread: Haplogroup BY3146 BY3127

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    Also, I don't know if this will help you with the origin of R-S691 in Argyll, but I was able to find some flimsy autosomal matches to descendants of the NH Taggarts. My mom triangulates with a couple of their descendants and some 1st or 2nd Taggart cousins. So it seems possible James grandfather came from county Antrim. The clan stayed in NH but one possibly went to Anson SC where our lineage begins. It seems to me all of the Taggarts of Antrim are related to each other and probably have the same origin in Scotland.

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    R-S691 Haplogroup

    Quote Originally Posted by davidbrady View Post
    Anyone on this board have information on this haplogroup? I am R-S691* and am seeking others whose terminal SNP is R-S691; and more information on BY3146 and BY 3127. Any help?
    My paternal haplogroup was M-269 on 23 & Me but has recently been updated to R-S691. My Maiden name is Buchanan. I'd love to research this further, but my father is deceased and I have no brothers. I tested my paternal uncle for these haplogroup results.

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    Same Group Too!

    Quote Originally Posted by Gjlawrie View Post
    I am in the same boat S691* ... wondering whether to wait for s'thing to evolve.
    It would be good to know how many are in this category. Don't want to do more expensive test to learn nothing!
    Gordon Lawrie
    I also have a paternal Y R-S691. What can we figure out from this? I feel lost at times with all of this DNA info...

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