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Thread: Chimera and odds of getting no dna from a grandparent

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    "The odds of someone not inheriting DNA from their paternal grandparent is, in actuality, about 1 in 200. It isn't the little-green-men DNA as to why you get different locations and even for that matter gain or lack matches among close relatives."

    Who the heck told you this? Whoever did is full of ... something. No, the odds of inheriting no DNA from any grandparent is not 1-200.

    EDIT: It sure wasn't Blaine Bettinger who told you this. In the "Shared DNA Project" that he is involved in, not a single person ever failed to share at least some DNA with a 1st cousin. 1st cousins would certainly sometimes not share with each other, if one or the other failed to share any DNA with a common grandparent.

    In fact, I don't think the project even uncovered 2nd cousins who shared no DNA with each other.

    Keep in mind that even if one were to discover 2nd cousins with 0 DNA in common, that would not necessarily mean that either failed to inherit DNA from any shared shared grandparent, but simply that it did not overlap.

    Likewise, it's conceivable that two full siblings might share no DNA with each other from one of their common grandparents. But they would still each share DNA with that grandparent. (It just wouldn't overlap between the two.)

    2nd EDIT: The collary to 1 in 200 sharing no DNA with a grandparent is that the same 1 in 200 would share 50% of their DNA with the other grandparent on that side. In other words, all of the DNA that was inherited from that parent.

    Do you understand the implication? There would be no genetic distinction between the parent on one side, and one grandparent on that same side!!!!
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