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Thread: What does this mean?

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    What does this mean?

    My father is labeled as R-M417 in the 23andme paternal haplogroup tree. Any idea why isn't he positive for other SNPs? Does this mean that he's actually R-M417*, or further testing should be done through companies like FTDNA etc?
    He's also R1a1a1* in Wegenes.

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    They changed the nomenclature, it's still R1a1a1. 23andme doesn't test far enough downstream to get more specific than that. You'll have to do an FTDNA test to get a more specific subclade. How deeply you will have to test really depends on what the results are initially from FTDNA.
    I am the same as you on 23andme: R-M417. Before the nomencalature change some of my family and I got a more specific subclade information until R-Z282.

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