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    Lightbulb Gagauz people

    The DNA-genealogy of the Gagauzian surnames - 1. Dudoglo. J2b-Z1043 (str)

    B. A. Muratov

    According to Y-DNA data, about 60% of Gagauzes today have Autochthonous Balkan origin, these are haplogroups i2, R1a-Z283, E1b, J2b-Z1043, etc. Only 40% of Gagauzes have ethnically Turkic origin from Eurasian steppes. There lines are R1b-Z2103, G1, R1a-Z93, N1-P343 and these are descendants of Burdzhans, Pechenegs and Oghuz-Kipchaks.

    Representatives of the surname Dudoglo belong to the subjet J2b-Z1043 (str), and have local origin of Balkan population of the region. In the 9th-13th centuries J2-Z1043 underwent the process of Turkization by the Burdzhans-Pechenegs and Oghuz-Kipchaks from Black Sea region.

    The ethnic union and kinship ties of the local Balkan population with Burdzhans, Pechenegs and Oghuz-Kipchaks gave the Birth and Formation of the Gagauz people since the 9th century, and the Turkic language from the IX century and the Christian faith since the 13th century defined the national identity and originality of the Gagauzes among other peoples of the Balkans and the Black Sea region.

    Full version of article (look at this url)
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