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Thread: The Genomic History of Southeastern Europe - Mathieson, Reich, et al.

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    This find hasn’t got to much attention nevertheless is still interesting. Sample I2431 found Chalcolithic site of Ivanovo in Bulgaria turned out to be G-Z1903, this is a big find because all the G found in Neolithic Europe turned out belonging to other clades like L91, F1193, etc... This is the first Z1903 found and it looks like its branches were born in Europe.

    On the grandeur scope of things it looks like these rarer Neolithic lines got a revival during the Early-Middle Bronze Age such J2a-Z6057>Y13128 (found in Sopot and Neolithic Hungary) and G-Z1903.

    The biggest Neolithic revival lineage in Europe without a doubt is E-V13, as we’ve seen 2 E-L618 already found in Croatia and Hungary along with E-V13(?) from Spain.

    More ancient papers from the Balkans might answer many questions.

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