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Thread: Interesting Pennsylvania Dutch (German) Ethnicity estimate. Why so British?

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    Centre is getting pretty close to where my ancestors were. If fact, some of them were in Centre in at least one census. But they mostly wound up in Huntingdon, Blair, Bedford, and Clearfield.

    My mother's maiden name was Weaver, and it was supposed to have been from German Weber. I even know the "who" all the way back to my 3rd great grandfather ... except that the guy wasn't my 3rd great grandfather. In fact, it turns out that my mother actually should have been born a Babcock. Her father was either part of an unofficial and unacknowledged adoption, or else he wasn't actually her biological father. I'm still working on determining which.

    In the meanwhile, I do at least know who my mother's Babcock grandparents were. In any case, it turns out that there's a lot more English on my mother's side than we'd believed -- and not much German. Her "German" ancestry turns out to be in the form of an Alsatian great grandmother, and some more distant Swiss ancestry. Otherwise, my German ancestry is all on my father's side.


    Meant to also mention that where you have Jinger/Yinger, I have some Juengling/Yingling ancestors. Some of the other names weren't in my tree, but can be found in my father's hometown of Williamsburg (PA, that is -- they have a sign outside of town that says "the other historic Williamsburg").
    Ok cool... yes I am "assuming" that my Weavers are actually Weavers - testing Weavers around PA will hopefully tell me that if I can find their descendants and have them test an SNP to let me know if they are in my current (old) group and if so I'd approach them about more testing... for what it is worth it does seem to stay "Weaver/Weber" back to the 4th GGF Adam Weaver listed in my signature! The Captain Michael Weaver/Weber line from Centre (this guy and his family: shows up an awful lot in my cousin matches... and there was a Captain Martin Weaver/Weber banging around were my 4th GGF was born/from in Dauphin... but that family really doesn't show up - no good records on them other than a lot of census for Martin and eldest son George in Paxtang in Dauphin... and a lot of records about his Revolutionary war unit etc... Martin's eldest son being a George and my 4th GGF Adam's Grandson was a George Weaver - so perhaps a connection, but they don't list names on the census that far back only the head of the household - though Martin did die and his assets went to Orphan court... maybe Adam was involved in that?!? I'd like eventually the question with DNA testing!

    Speaking of Babcock that is a very common surname of early Colonial settlers in the NE - my mother's mother's father's side (both of my Grandmother's paternal (mother and father of her father) lines from that old colonial gene pool and the paternal line of her maternal - that was Wheeler - but her actually maternal line is Irish!) has more than one line of them with Maxsons, Pendletons, Clark/Clarkes, Brownells, Richmonds, Foster/Forrester, Wyman, Brown, Smith, Fuller, Burnham, Greenman, Sherman, Sisson, Bowler, Rogers, Robinson, Miller, Coggeshall, and Wheeler to name a few... many were some the very early families to that area and were often involved in the politics and were officers in the militia etc even fighting in King Philip's War and the founding of Westerly, Rhode Island! Almost all of the intermarried and many appear to trace back to English nobility... but I have not personally really researched intently... I have mainly made sure these connections were actually per these families - getting my Ancestry DNA test done HAS helped me make some connections per the colonial families!

    Yes when I first saw Yinger/Junger in my tree (and have made the connection via DNA) I thought of Yingling ;-)... some of the Mennonites from Lancaster were Swiss Mennonites before they perhaps spent a gen or two in Germany or just came straight over - there is a bit of that further back in my father's mother's side... I DO know my particular Weaver line is not the English one from the NE and that goes back to a Clement Weaver and possibly Wales (but are U106 like I am) or another set of Weavers from PA who are also U106, but not my subgroup and the Weaverland Swiss Weavers are U152!

    If you feel like it and have your kit or kits on Gedmatch genesis - run them against my kit: T819374 and my Grandmother Houck's kit (She is 99 may make it to 100 this year!): ET5463914 - see if our PA ancestors crossed paths at all :-)!

    Charlie (Cathal Dubh)
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    Y-DNA: 4th GGF Johann Adam Weber/Weaver born 1784 in Pennsylvania. Sergeant, US 17th Inf, War of 1812: R1b-U106-DF98-S1911-S1894/S1900-S4004... FGC14817 shared with 6drif-3 - one of the "Headless" Roman Gladiator/Soldiers! Father Captain Martin Weber b. 1739 in Hesse(?), Germany, d. 1804 Dauphin, PA.

    mtDNA: 3rd GGM Bridget O'Danagher b. 1843 Lorrha/Dorrha, Ireland - T2b2b - Pagan Migrant Icelander SSG-A3 (grave 4) - Sílastaðir in Eyjafjarðarsýsla, North Iceland is T2b2b.

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