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Thread: Hunnish DNA found in Europe?

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    Hunnish DNA found in Europe?

    Hello dear Community,

    I am interested in genetical leftovers of the Huns, which was a central asian people. They spoke a turkic language, as far as I know. After the death of Attila the Huns splitted all over Eastern Europe and the Caucasus Region. Some of them were settled in the so-called "Dobruja"-Region, which is in Romania and Bulgaria today. Below the Volga settled the "Hunno-Bulgarians", they were called the descendants of the Huns.

    Are there any genetical projects about the Huns? What is their assumed Y-DNA Haplogroup?
    Y-DNA: J1-ZS241 > ZS222 > Z18271 > S12192
    MT-DNA: H10b
    Eurogenes K15: East German 7.05, Hungarian 8.15, Croatian 12.10, Austrian 12.28, Ukrainian Lviv 12.46, South Polish 13.06
    Geno 2.0: 56% Eastern Europe, 32% Western & Central Europe, 8% GB & Ireland, 3% Arabia
    Eurogenes H-G-F: 57.25% Baltic Hunter Gatherer, 28.20% Mediterranean Farmer, 9.80% Anatolian Farmer, 1.87% Middle Eastern Herder, and others...

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