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Thread: WeGene health trait accuracy?

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    WeGene health trait accuracy?

    I was just checking out WeGene when I noticed they had health trait reports, I've also done a promethease report and I have 23andme health ect.
    I noticed that the report on WeGene (upon the quick look I gave it) appeared to be more in line with what I noticed (sleep, caffeine, things like that) than the other genetic health reports I have.

    What do you folks think? could WeGene have a superior health/traits report to some of the other companies? How accurate do you think it is for you?

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    I am new to this website. I did not receive a health report with either of my downloads {23andme and Ancestry} How does that work? I tryed emailing them but it said it wasn't set up for english.
    I did get my haplogroup result. I will say that the haplogroup was totally correct. I am a H1a1a.
    Thank you to anyone who responds to this posting...

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