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Thread: Crazy Discrepancy on Living DNA vs. 23andme

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    Quote Originally Posted by asbr View Post
    That's nailing it in the head. It should give me Austria Tyrol, I'm trying to run the gaussian method here, and it keeps constantly adding and subtracting Austria from it.
    Lavarone is Trentino, not Tyrol nor Austrian Tyrol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by asbr View Post
    Tomenable, thanks a lot! By the way your tool is really cool, it makes a lot of sense. How can I take out Latinos (cause that's noise)?
    Because of your 7.77% of Amerindian I think, never seen a Portuguese, Spanish or Italian with Amerindian on K36.

    Quote Originally Posted by asbr View Post
    I don't know if I did it right, but I just went on Gedmatch and ran the K36, pretty interesting!

    Amerindian 7.77

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larth View Post
    Lavarone is Trentino, not Tyrol nor Austrian Tyrol.
    you do know that large towns like Bolzano and Merano are towns in south Tyrol .........South-Tyrol is in Italy and Trento is the capital

    He might be from trentino province , but there are Italian tyrolese people

    BTW...North-tyrol and East-tyrol are in Austria

    I would actually like to see some Tyrol dna comprising from these tyrolese lands of North, south and guess is that they will be very similar
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    I've also had this problem with my own Living DNA results! They gave me 54% French even though I have no known French ancestry. My fathers family are all Galician, and my mothers are Welsh, North East England, Little Scottish and Irish. So I haven't got a clue what went wrong
    I think for some reason my Galician was put into French... and some of my Welsh also. Uncertain why. Living DNA did mention that parents of different genetic make-up can give a different looking result... for example they said someone with Italian DNA mixed with British makes the DNA 'Look' French etc.

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