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Thread: Cornish and Breton ancestry and DNA

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    Cornish and Breton ancestry and DNA

    Does anyone with Cornish ancestry feel this has or hasn't been reflected in any of the DNA tests on the market? I have at least two Cornish surnames in my mainly South Welsh borders and surrounding counties tree in the past few generations (still researching) and have Cornish 4.72 and English 5.26 as my top populations on the Gedmatch Jtest, and the following results on the Living DNA test in cautious mode:
    South Wales border-related ancestry 86.8%
    Cornwall 8%
    Cumbria-related ancestry 5.2%
    Incidentally, my 23andme speculative results put me at British and Irish 66.4%, which is lower than my Welsh mother had.
    As a related population, I also wonder if any Bretons have tested and what their results show.

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