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Thread: Oceanian <1%???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lei_VA View Post
    thank you very much Hurricane!
    I will learn about the K47 if it can be conclusive it's great.

    What is the 24genetics test?
    K47 has multiple East asian and Oceanian components. The nmonte extension, is also helpful.

    • Proto-Austronesian
    • Indo-Chinese
    • NE-Asian
    • Mongolian
    • East-Asian
    • Amuro-Manchurian
    • Malay
    • South-Chinese
    • Papuan

    24genetics can generate ancestry reports based on your raw data. DNA Tribes is similar, but better in my opinion.
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    24genetics is a very complete ancestry test, they have more than 400 my case it was really worthy, I really recommend it

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    LOL my old thread. Got no Oceanian / Oceanic with the newer FTDNA Version 3 update, which is what I would expect (I also never got anything like that category on 23andMe). Anyone else find themselves more or less "Oceanian" with the update?

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    With the updates since I last posted my mum has lost most of her Oceanian percentages. Ancestry her Oceanian changed to Southeast Asia. 23andme it changed to Indonesian, Thai, Khmer & Myanmar. FTDNA it changed to Malaysia & Western Indonesia. Myheritage she still has some Oceanian specifically 1.3% Papuan.
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