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Thread: Oceanian <1%???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomenable View Post
    Do you get any Oceanian in Eurogenes K36 as well?
    Lol synchronicity! No, none at all. I actually posted my own Eurogenes K36 results in a different thread on this site where someone raised a similar oceanian enquiry. I shall reproduce it below in bold:

    LOL. This is so much reminiscent of my thread "Oceanian <1%???" in Oceanian section.

    I think the Oceanian result can be a bit of a WTF moment for those of us who are pretty sure we have no ancestry from "Oceania". I have less than the OP but possibly took it more seriously as I'm Australian by birth with two grandparents born here.

    On FTDNA I was gobsmacked to see my expected heatmaps in Europe...and then a trace <1% heat map assigned to Australia/PNG zone.

    If it's not just background noise, in my case the heatmap is far more appropriate around say India (assuming a Gypsy-type source.)

    While on most it gives me some level of Oceanian, on the big Eurogenes K36 Admixture Proportions it gives me none and gives me 100% European groups:


    Amerindian -
    Arabian -
    Armenian -
    Basque 1.68
    Central_African -
    Central_Euro 5.81
    East_African -
    East_Asian -
    East_Balkan 6.10
    East_Central_Asian -
    East_Central_Euro 12.00
    East_Med -
    Eastern_Euro 6.92
    Fennoscandian 9.09
    French 7.30
    Iberian 13.20
    Indo-Chinese -
    Italian 5.94
    Malayan -
    Near_Eastern -
    North_African -
    North_Atlantic 9.15
    North_Caucasian 2.58
    North_Sea 20.23
    Northeast_African -
    Oceanian -
    Omotic -
    Pygmy -
    Siberian -
    South_Asian -
    South_Central_Asian -
    South_Chinese -
    Volga-Ural -
    West_African -
    West_Caucasian -
    West_Med -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomenable View Post
    Indeed. I have seen many results of South African Boers / Afrikaners (both results from GEDmatch calculators and results from commercial tests), and literally all of them (or nearly all) score some minor Sub-Saharan admixtures. This is mostly from the 1600s and the 1700s, when they absorbed some local South African as well as imported (slaves from West Africa) Sub-Saharan blood. I can imagine that colonial White Australian ancestry also includes some Aboriginal blood.

    Do you have colonial Australian ancestry?


    South African Boer in DNA.Land, with 2.4% of Sub-Saharan:

    Boers also tend to have some Asian ancestry:


    "In seeking to build the foundations of its rule in
    South Africa, the Dutch East India Company took
    on people from various different countries. One
    indication of this is provided by the established
    origins of today’s Afrikaaners. Calculations by
    Heese (1971) suggest that 36.8% of these people’s
    ancestors derived from The Netherlands, 35.7%
    from Germany, 14.4% from France, 2.7% from the
    British Isles, 2.9% from other European countries
    (Poland included) and 7.5% from countries outside
    Europe. In turn, work on the origin of the ancestors
    of contemporary Afrikaaner Jaco M. Greeff
    would seem to suggest that Heese exaggerated
    the role played by immigrants of German origin,
    at the expense of the French. The largest group
    of Greeff ancestors – accounting for a 37.5%
    share very close to that given by Heese – came
    from The Netherlands, while Germans and French
    accounted for similar (respectively 27.4 and 26.4%)
    shares. 1.9% of the ancestors were from the British
    Isles, while other European countries (mainly Denmark,
    Norway and Portugal) accounted for 0.8%.
    The non-European ancestors (mainly from India)
    accounted for as much as 6.1% of the total."
    Colonial? Not sure how far back my earliest Australian born ancestor is, but I don't think we were here VERY early on in European colonisation. I think it's about context. If I was American I would be curious to know whether the minute Native American I showed in puntDNAL K13 Global calculator is evidence of a Pocahontas event As it is I know I have no Native American, unless perhaps the Vikings brought same back.

    Like I said Australia is a young country, people with mixed Aboriginal ancestry still have a distinctive look - if the don't they have family who does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gentleman View Post
    Thanks for the welcome! I just went on GEDmatch tonight - first time. All of those calculators seem very different! It's a bit confusing. Many conflicting results. Yes, I score Oceanian, always very low. However I also score a lot of other trace things on there that FTDNA leaves out. Is there any calculator in particular you'd suggest I should regard as more authoritative?

    I'll only paste one, for amusement. "puntDNAL K13 Global" says I have something from every global region except Siberia!

    West_Asia 9.49
    NE_Europe 51.03
    Americas 0.12
    Siberia -
    Oceania 0.79
    South_Asia 0.69
    NE_Asia 0.90
    East_Africa 0.43
    SE_Asia 0.69
    SW_Europe 33.54
    SW_Asia 0.95
    West_Africa 0.67
    South_Africa 0.70

    Strange, I always knew I was a "Euromutt". I'm coming to understand what I've read others say - that the small trace elements are not always meaningful. Eg, I am apparently more North East Asian than Oceanian on that calculator. Why didn't FTDNA mention that? I guess the type of trace admixture it mentions in that puntDNAL K13 Global table is likely from a long time ago. (Assuming it's not simply "noise".) Two of my grandparents were born in Europe - the other two I met and they simply were not that "exotic" looking.
    Sorry this thread is becoming a tad self-indulgent

    It was interesting also looking at chromosomal detail on puntDNAL K13 Global. On every single one of my 22 chromosomes (I know there's 2 of each of these), the biggest 2 components are always NE_Europe and SW_Europe. Interestingly my Chromosome 21 has most NE_Europe (68.3%) AND most Oceania (4.3%). Just over half of my chromosome pairs have some Oceanian percent on that calculator. Not sure, but I'd guess with genuine modern ethnic admixture you'd typically find a fewer number of chromosomes with a much higher number percent of Oceania (or West_Africa or Americas etc, as they case may be, depending on what admixture is suspected)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gentleman View Post
    Thanks, NewAlbion. The big disclosure thing at the sign-up for DNA.Land made me nervous at this point and I didn't upload

    HOWEVER, I learnt something interesting about the Oceanian category in PuntDNAL k13 global. The Population Spreadsheet for puntDNAL K13 Global gives the breakdown of different ethnicities' averages. "Oceanian" is actually far from exclusive to Australasia and surrounds. It's at a low level in Indian-type populations, among others. It states average 1% average for Romani. The relevance of that is that there actually is a family legend about a "real gypsy" looking woman, but that was in England. We had dismissed it as I believe that was on my great grandmother's side and she herself was I think a strawberry blonde.

    Furthermore, I'm a quarter Czech and historically Central Europe had a fair few Roma.

    There are various groups near outskirts of Europe who register some "Oceanian" - eg, Tadjiks (average 1%), Afghan Pashtun (0.5%), Balochi (0.5%), Turkish Kayseri (0.5%). Not to mention many Indians and various Asian groupings with much higher elements.

    I think the term "Oceanian" can mislead - there was such DNA in Europe long before Captain Cook found Australia. In relation to myself, I think IF it's not background noise its more likely to be Roma type contribution. My two grandparents who were born in Australia are pretty much that paper white, with no unusual features. The short length of white settlement in Australia is such that even very white-looking Aborigines ordinarily have living family who clearly look mixed. Things like Papuan would make even less sense to me. (I am darker than paper white from my Czech side.)
    While properly European groups have 0% in that spreadsheet for PuntDNAL k13 global, that is only because the spreadsheet apparently rounds to the nearest half percent. I suspect many (not sure about most?) Europeans would show a percentage of Oceanian on PuntDNAL k13 global, but presumably they would average as less than 0.25%.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomenable View Post
    Here is an example of Ecuadorian person with some Oceanian ancestry (probably due to contacts between Polynesians from Easter Island and Andean populations?). Every single DNA test "caught" Oceanian admixture, but in different amounts:

    23andMe* ---------- 0.1% Oceanian
    AncestryDNA ------- 1% Oceanian
    FTDNA -------------- 2% Oceanian
    DNA.Land ---------- 1.5% Oceanian
    WeGene ------------ 1.41% Oceanian
    DNA Tribes --------- 1.2% Oceanian
    MyHeritage --------- 0.9% Oceanian
    Eurogenes K36 ---- 1.88% Oceanian

    *23andMe tends to underestimate the amount of minor components.
    Interesting! Those results are pretty high for what should be considered noise. Even MyHeritage picked up some for you while FTDNA has 2%. So there is no known recent Polynesian ancestry? Have this person had their haplogroups tested?

    But Ancestry has not OCEANIAN category. So you either got 1% Melanesia or 1% Polynesia.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gentleman View Post
    Everything else on my FTDNA "myOrigins" results looked about right, more or less:
    West and Central Europe

    British Isles

    Trace Results:

    < 2%

    < 1%


    My FTDNA ancientOrigins results show 0% non-European.

    Because I and my parents were born in Australia I can't dismiss the Oceania immediately as just background noise. (If it brought up a percentage like that of African or Native American I would dismiss it as I don't live near those places, and nor have my known forebears.)

    I'm curious how much less than 1% it is, but I think FTDNA doesn't use decimal points with its percentages, so <1% is lowest possible above 0%.

    Should I be searching for an Oceanian (presumably, Aboriginal?) ancestor? Is it possible that FTDNA assigned me that trace as they did not know how to interpret something and just noticed I was from Australia? Could the sample of "Oceanians" be infiltrated by some British Isles ancestry?

    I have no known Oceanian ancestry, nor family legends about it. A couple of my lines have been in Australia a long time, but I'm not sure precisely how long.

    I'm not even completely sure how you can have a <1% result. Assuming they used 46 chromosomes (I think actually they used less as it excludes Y chromosome I believe), a single chromosome from a forebear would equate to no less than 2.17%. I suppose genetic recombination could allow a chromosome to partially be Oceanian and partially not, though.
    You should upload to MyHeritage and see what they score since they seemed to have refined somewhat the Polynesian category and possibly the Melanesian category as well.

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    Australia England Ireland Cornwall Scotland
    On paper I am 6.25% Aboriginal. I score around 2% Oceanian on most calculators.

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    USA West Coast
    typical American

    United States of America Cuba Catalonia California Republic Spain
    I am wondering what other ethnicities may cause Oceanian (noise) to drop into our mix. I mean I would love it to have some truth as it intrigues me.
    My daughter scores 1.32 Oceanian

    I score .99 (noise)?!? And 1.68 SE Asian on the same calculator.

    We have a few other things going on ethnicity wise. For the most part the others make sense, this was as someone else said it a "wtf?" But in a good way
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    Mostly Chinese

    United States of America China
    I got 1.2% "Native Oceanian" on DNA.Land, along with 3.9% Cambodian/Thai, 1.8% Siberian, 4.6% Mongolic/Tungusic, and 5.6% Korean/Japanese. The rest of my ancestry is "Central Chinese".

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    ancestry Irish, Scot, Eng (Devon,Somerset,Lancashire,Cheshire, Shrop,Essex)+ Crossen(Oder)-Gruenberg
    Celt? Vik? East-Ger Sorb?
    YDNA Hub. R1b/U106/S1688

    all you need is for ONE person in Oceanica to declare they have solid 100% all grandparents or all eight great grandparents etc from the same area of Oceanica...just ONE slipup they don't know about where a European may have landed and maybe had sex with one of the local women (raped or vaoluntary)(just an example) and she kept it quiet..maybe during WW2 ?(I heard it was fairly common then by all sides). So this ONE slipup means that some European genes may be taken as normal in Oceanica genes..and it is not a lot for "< 1%" to be registered. I have "<1% Oceanica on all my tests (5 of them out of 5 people). I just thought EVERYONE had "<1% Oceanica due to just one (perhaps more) people thinking they were 100% Oceanica when they were in fact gr grandparent not..but unknown to all. Please reply if you Do NOT HAVe "<1% Oceanica" on you origins with FTDNA or ancestry. So far everyone I know has it!

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