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Thread: Nonspecific North European Category On Ancestry Composition At 23andme

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    J Man

    Nonspecific North European Category On Ancestry Composition At 23andme

    I find it interesting that on the Conservative Estimate Sub-regional Resolution threshold on Ancestry Composition at 23andme the category that I score highest in is the Nonspecific North European category. I score 32.1% Nonspecific North European and then next is Finnish at 22.2%. Now I can see that I inherited the majority of this component from my mother as she scores 61.9% Nonspecific North European while my father only scores 3.7% in this category. Now my mother is of all Irish/British Isles background yet she scores by far majority in the Nonspecific North European category. How do other's here score in this category?

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    Even in speculative I have 28% non specific Northern Euro, up from 24% before I added my mother. In speculative my German went up to 48% from 44% and my British went from 20% to 16%. For me my known surnames are all German/British. So I think there's a problem meeting the threshold even in speculative. Also the recall rate for German is 7% and British 36% I think, so a ton of both is missed.

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