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Thread: Tips for Tracing Tricky Irish & German roots

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    Quote Originally Posted by kostoffj View Post
    He might actually be useful. One thing to keep in mind is that when you see Prussia as land of birth in things like US Census reports especially from the 19th Century, it refers to the political unit of the Kingdom of Prussia and all its various possessions in what would become Germany in 1871, which was a substantial chunk of modern-day Germany north of the Main river (so excluding Bavaria, Württemberg, etc). There is the historical Prussia which is centered around Berlin and extended east into what is today parts of Poland and the Baltics, and the various small principalities, kingdoms and so forth, of Germany that came, bit by bit, under Prussian control starting after the conclusion of the Napoleonic Wars and culminating in the establishment of the German Empire. All of my German ancestors with the exception of one family came from the Palatinate or nearby but many of them in the US Censuses had recorded place of birth or place of parents' birth as Prussia (and the others as Bavaria since the rest of the Pfalz after the Napoleonic Wars went to the Kingdom of Bavaria). I could never see a pattern between the use of Prussia (and Bavaria) as country of origin and the use of Germany, even regarding the unification of Germany in 1871 so I assume it depended on the census takers' proclivities and what they were told by those whom they were interviewing at the time. Confusing at first when you look at the records and see the names Prussia and Bavaria but made sense once I knew the cities/ regions involved and realized to whom they belonged at the time.

    IIRC the vast majority of German emigration to the United States came from the Rhineland, most of that from the Palatinate, so a good chance your Prussian ancestors do too and thus such resources will be helpful.
    Thank you. You're right--most of the German families came from Rhineland, or at least the western boarder of Germany. Despite being "1/3" German on paper, I get no more than 12% Western European from any DNA product--I do however get good chunks of Iberian and Italian.

    My Siegel line actually has Mecklenbourg and Prussia as the his parents origins, and my Discher line has Pomerania listed on some documents. Various admixture calculators identify high Baltics percentages as well as Finnish/Russian, Eastern European and Ashkenazi bits that make me think one or all of these lines comes from modern day Poland or east. I also have Ukrainian, Slavic and Russian matches without a confirmed common ancestor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by greerpalmer View Post
    Thanks Robert. I have done both atDNA and yDNA testing, but without common surnames or distinguishable and specific common geographic origins its hard to determine a match. I've found many genetic cousins for my other lines, but common irish/german names are difficult to prove a connection through.
    I know how you feel: I've got a "Miller" ancestor from about 200 years ago who shows up in the the colonies ... half the online sources say she's N. Irish, half say German
    It's not quite a brick wall, more like sticks or straw; and will require a lot more huffing and puffing when I get the time.
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