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Thread: Atlantis: truth or myth?

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    Atlantis: truth or myth?

    Plato refers to Atlantis in his dialogues. He says that got this information from the initiates of ancient Egypt. Plato was a serious writer, so this information must be true. It recalls the migration of the Arias that passed through ancient Egypt and went to Atlantis. In antiquity there were several catastrophes that originated legends like the flood. But, tectonic plates, erupting volcanoes (Vesuvius in Pompeii), tsunamis, etc. It happened. It was Atlantis, myth or truth? It was true. This island continent (like Australia) existed and was located in the Atlantic Ocean, as Plato said, after the Pillars of Hercules, that is, after the Strait of Gibraltar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deibrogfunn View Post
    ........... It recalls the migration of the Arias that passed through ancient Egypt and went to Atlantis ............... This island continent (like Australia) existed and was located in the Atlantic Ocean ............
    Well, no. First, the thing with the "Arias" is utter nonsense. Plato's Atlantis may be anything but surely not about "Arias". The word "Aryans" was used in the 19th century to talk about what is today called Indo-Europeans. Later, the word had been abused by racists. We should not meddle things which do not belong together: A 2500 years old story of Plato, and a 20th century abuse of a 19th century concept.

    Was Atlantis a real place? Big question. But one thing is clear: It was not in the Atlantic Ocean and not 10000 years old. Because we know history and geology well enough to say this with clarity. Yet Atlantis could be real if it is a distorted historical tradition. For comparison: Herodotus believed Egypt to be 11000 years old and even older. A clear mistake. Egypt exists, but it is not that old. The same could be true for Atlantis. As an example for a typical distortion of historical traditions. Find more about scholars who were open for Atlantis as a real place on www Atlantis-Scout de.
    The historical-critical Atlantis: Hidden Content Atlantis-Scout de

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    I think it's a mix of fact and mythology. I believe Atlantis was the ancient Minoan community on Thera, but a "civilized trading community" doesn't mean it was anything other worldly in terms of advancements...that's where the mythology enters.


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    What I find curious (and not specifically "Atlantis" theories) are the many structures indicating civilization and pyramidic structures found in obscure places in the Oceans (skip the pseudo-science interpretations) like the one Jacques Cousteau's son's team discovered about 100 miles off the coast of is huge and apparently man made but from when and built by who? There are a few others as well and geophysical locations vary greatly....perhaps Egyptians and Aztecs are just vestiges of a much earlier cultural tradition no lost to us....unfotunately explorations at these depths can be quite dangerous and quite expensive and so we wait for better information.

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    Plato created the legend of Atlantis. So why is it still popular more than 2,000 years later?

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