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Thread: My HomeDNA experience with uploaded 23andMe data

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    My HomeDNA experience with uploaded 23andMe data

    At first I though it was utter bollocks. They tell you that they can even pinpoint where your people are from with a precision of even 50 miles. It also says that this is not recommended for mixed people and whatnot, so I was reluctant to pay de 70 buckaroos to get a report.

    Then I said "fuck it" and take the test like if it was a Casino, knowing that I am going to lose money but I will get some fun in return.

    First the Autosomal DNA:

    #1 Fennoscandia 18.2%

    Origin: Peaks in the Iceland and Norway and declines in Finland, England, and France
    #2 Sardinia 15.2%

    Origin: Peaks in Sardinia and declines in weaker in Italy, Greece, Albania, and The Balkans
    #3 Southern France 14.2%

    Origin: Peaks in south France and declines in north France, England, Orkney islands, and Scandinavia
    #4 Basque Country 13.5%

    Origin: Peaks in France and Spain Basque regions and declines in Spain, France, and Germany
    #5 Western Siberia 10.3%

    Origin: Peaks in Krasnoyarsk Krai and declines towards east Russia
    #6 Orkney Islands 9.4%

    Origin: Peaks in the Orkney islands and declines in England, France, Germany, Belarus, and Poland
    #7 Tuva 7.3%

    Origin: Peaks in south Siberia (Russians: Tuvinian) and declines in North Mongolia
    #8 Northwestern Africa 5.5%

    Origin: Peaks in Algeria and declines in Morocco and Tunisia
    #9 Southeastern India 4.5%

    Origin: Endemic to south eastern india with residues in Pakistan
    #10 The Southern Levant 0.8%

    Origin: This gene pool is localized to Israel with residues in Syria
    #11 Western South America 0.8%

    Origin: Peaks in Peru, Mexico, and North America and declines in Eastern Russia
    #12 Northern India 0.3%

    Origin: Peaks in North India (Dharkars, Kanjars) and declines in Pakistan
    So this doesn't look very well, it doesn't say anything to me. It goes with some long text with basic history that you could probably also find in Wikipedia.

    Then there is a map here which is supposed to be the core of the application.

    Here is the map with the biggest migration (just replace the DOT with a .):

    i.imgur DOT com/kZQMw9x.png

    There are 3 points: The one in switzerland says that my ancestors originated in that area, the one in Austria that says where my ancestors went and then to Germany.

    Now, in a span of 1300 years that it has it can be safely assumed that some of my ancestors are indeed some germanic barbarians but this does not impress me, specially since I am 3/4 andalusian and 1/4 northern spaniard, I am not what you would call a "mixed person".

    But then I got to the "Migration B":

    i.imgur DOT com/cZOVcUC.png

    This one is impressive. One of my grandparents is indeed from less than 100 kilometers away from the suggested circle and they got it spot on.

    They supposedly use only use the autosomal DNA to calculate this, so it is not based on Haplogroups. I though it was utter BS but just because they guessed one of the location with such accuracy, it was worth it.

    Overall, I would only recommend it if you have 70€ to spare, I would pass otherwise.

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